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What makes us unique?

For the past 16 years, Royal Day Spa & Weight Loss Center has been providing the Lafayette area with the latest in spa treatments and beauty products. We pride ourselves on offering quality relaxation and beauty services in a unique environment. Our team of down-to-earth professionals are not only here to enhance your beauty, but also to help you relax and unwind. They're highly trained in weight loss and body sculpting, as well. The road to renewal couldn't be more convenient. All you need to do is:

  • Make an appointment
  • Come for a consultation
  • Experience our services
  • Leave feeling refreshed and more beautiful
Who says beauty has to hurt? We certainly don't. We'll help you get healthier and more energized as soon as possible.

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Health and beauty go together at Royal Day Spa & Weight Loss Center

We know how important it is to stay healthy and in shape. We offer nutritional advice and services that help contour your body, so you can look and feel your best. We've also added weight loss programs to further promote better health. We approach it from an external and nutritional perspective, and we also offer wraps. Whether you're interested in detoxing, increasing your metabolism or burning calories, Royal Day Spa has the solution for you.

Come relax and renew yourself at Royal Day Spa.

When's the last time you had a spa day?

Life gets busy, and it's easy to get lost and forget to take a breather every now and then. Here at Royal Day Spa, we give you the care you deserve and make sure you have the knowledge and resources you need to keep you healthy and beautiful. With our impressive list of spa services and packages, we're confident you'll find something that fits your needs and lets you walk out the door looking and feeling revitalized and energized.

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